Digital Economy and Innovation

Technology is opportunity

Innovation in the digital economy is everywhere. From artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and virtual reality (VR) to the latest in interactive exhibition, the digital economy is embedded in almost everything we buy, play and experience.

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Digital Economy and Innovation Staff

Peter Lyman
Senior Partner
Photo of Peter Lyman
Carly Frey
Managing Director
Photo of Carly Frey
Stephen Hignell
Associate Director
Photo of Stephen Hignell
Julie Whelan
Senior Manager
Photo of Julie Whelan
Greg McClary
Senior Consultant
Photo of Greg McClary
Jocelyn Pogorbsky
Research Analyst
Photo of Jocelyn Pogorbsky
Megan Lynch
Senior Analyst
Chad Rickaby
Photo of Chad Rickaby
Juliana Craig
Research Analyst
Darren Touch
Research Associate
Photo of Darren Touch
Reetika Rana
Photo of Reetika Rana
Lola Zhang
Research Analyst
Lola Zhang
Natalia Holeksa
Research Analyst

Digital Economy and Innovation Associates

Robyn Quinn
Senior Associate
Photo of Robyn Quinn
Lynda Brown-Ganzert
Senior Associate
Photo of Lynda Brown-Ganzert

Clients We Work With

Nordicity is a leading international consulting firm providing private and public-sector clients with solutions for Economic Analysis, Strategy and Business, and Policy and Regulation across four priority sectors: arts, culture and heritage; digital and creative media; information and communication technologies (ICTs) and innovation; and, telecommunications and spectrum. With offices in Ottawa (HQ), Toronto, Vancouver and London, UK Nordicity is ideally placed to assist our clients to succeed in the rapidly evolving global markets.