COVID-19 Update

Nordicity to develop 2020-2023 Strategic Plan for Vancouver Public Library

Nordicity has been commissioned by the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) to develop the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, furthering the existing vision, mission and value of its current plan, and identifying new opportunities for VPL's continued impact across Vancouver's communities.  

For more than 100 years, VPL has been a cornerstone of Vancouver’s communities, dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning, reading and information needs of Vancouver residents. Despite being one of Vancouver’s oldest public institutions, it continues to evolve to meet changing demands in the city. Public libraries across the world have evolved to be more than repositories for information; they now provide essential services as centres for digital literacy, learning, creativity and innovation, supporting communities through access to functional spaces and the promotion of civic engagement 

The project team will advise VPL staff on a 'current state' library-wide operational and performance assessment, leading meaningful engagement with the Board, senior management, key external stakeholders and the general public. Leading effective stakeholder engagement with VPL will inform the development of meaningful and actionable strategieswith stakeholder input to be included throughout all phases of the project.  

A strategic framework and plan will be developed, creating a compelling picture of the goals and outcomes that VPL will seek to achieve, including recommendations on performance indicators for tracking VPL's progress over the next 4 years. 

The project will commence immediately and will conclude in the fall of 2019. Nordicity’s Project Manager for this project is Carly  

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