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Nordicity to Support Culture and Recreation Services and Facilities Review for the City of Jasper

Nordicity, in partnership with RC Strategies+PERChas been commissioned by the City of Jasper to undertake a Culture and Recreation Services and Facilities Review.  

Recreation and culture opportunities are becoming increasingly essential as municipalities like Jasper work to enhance quality of life for residents and visitors by enabling both to be more active, creative, and connected to each other and their communities. Undertaking these opportunities requireprioritization for future investment into recreation facilities and culture services that reflect community needs and perspectives. 

The Municipality of Jasper is looking to understand the “current state” of recreation and identify future priorities and focus areas. Residents’ perspectives on services, local trends, satisfaction with existing facilities, and potential barriers to residents’ recreation participation will be evaluated through comprehensive stakeholder engagement 

The Project Team will develop a multi-faceted and data driven approach to prioritize future investment into recreation and culture services facilities. This approach will reflect community perspectives, as well as account capital, operating cost impacts and service delivery approaches. 

Nordicity West will provide specific cultural planning expertise to the project team, participating in engagement with cultural stakeholders and providing input as required on cultural trends and leading practices. 

The project will commence immediately and will conclude in the fall of 2019. Nordicity’s Project Manager for this project is Carly  

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