Digital Strategy Development

Digital strategies have become fundamental to organizations across the arts, culture and creative industries. The advent of digital technologies in recent years has created new opportunities for organizations to streamline administrative processes, enhance content discoverability, deepen engagement, and engage new audiences.

Audiences today enjoy seemingly endless entertainment options. Arts organizations need to respond to audience demands and embrace innovative digital engagement to capture audiences’ attention. Beyond the audience, an organization’s digital capacity has an impact on its relationships and ability to collaborate across the sector, including integration and impact-sharing with other organizations such as government, partners, and funders.

Nordicity works with arts and culture organizations of all sizes to assess gaps in knowledge and operations and integrate “digital” into their infrastructure. A digital transformation strategy can help organizations capitalize on the potentials of the digital world to improve audience engagement, development and sales.

Nordicity knows that every organization is unique and faces its own set of challenges and opportunities. We work closely with clients, using our proven tools and methodologies, to develop a strategy that fits their needs and those of their stakeholders.

"Is My Organization Digitally Ready?"

Digital Portrait™ is Nordicity’s proprietary digital maturity assessment tool, used as a key component of assessing digital readiness for the development of digital strategies for arts and culture organizations.

Digital Portrait™ asks organizations a series of targeted questions designed to quickly measure their own digital maturity and help identify critical gaps. The results help to establish an understanding of an organization’s current state of digital readiness. This portrait provides a foundation from which to efficiently build a strategy that will help organizations to reach “digital maturity.”

Digital Portrait™ has been used by museums, galleries, orchestras, independent theatres and arts support organizations to assess their digital capacity.

The recent shutdowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the importance of a well planned digital strategy for arts and culture organizations. Nordicity can work with your team to assist in pivoting towards success through challenging circumstances. If you would like to learn more about Nordicity’s digital strategy work and Digital Portrait™, contact us.

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