Digital Transformation of the Arts: Collaborative Engagements

In addition to supporting individual organizations in building their digital strategiesNordicity has helped form and manage various arts collectives and coalitions to transform the arts community in an increasingly digital world. Three substantial projects involving dozens of arts organizations in Toronto and supported primarily by the Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund, and by the City of Toronto are:

DigiArts Toronto

Project Lead: Luminato Festival Toronto
Status: Single phase project pivoting to the delivery of support service over 2020.

Initially imagined as a forum for knowledge sharing and digital leadership, the advent of COVID-19 pandemic has shifted DigiArts Toronto’s priorities towards strengthening the SEO capabilities of Toronto’s arts and culture sector. The aim is to trial a shared taxonomy that will support the sector in its quest for search engine optimization (SEO). In view of the increasing importance of online discoverability this need is urgent today. In the future hybrid of digital and physical audience participation, those with more easily accessible information about their activities will be better prepared to bring audiences to their content. For more information, please contact Peter Lyman

Audience Analytics Collective

Project Lead: TO Live
Status: Multi-phase project now developing a pilot project as a first stage toward ongoing sustainability.

The Audience Analytics Collective is aiming to develop a platform for the safe sharing of anonymized audience data, analytics and insights in order for cultural organizations to better understand the behaviours, preferences and needs of their existing and target audiences (while abiding by stringent data ethics and protection principles). Launching with a pilot in 2020-2021, the project is modeled on successful trials in the US, the UK and Australia. For more information, please contact Julie Whelan

Digital Reach

Project Lead: The National Ballet of Canada
Status: Multi-phase project beginning the development of a demonstration project that brings content to a common online destination that showcases Toronto arts.

The Digital Reach project is designed to help arts organizations use digital content to connect and engage with local and global audiences in new ways. Over the course of three phases, this project aims to equip partner organizations with knowledge around potential uses of technology, an understanding of the technical and infrastructure requirements of capturing and storing content, and connections with the platforms to distribute the content. For more information, please contact Megan Lynch

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